Bynkershoek Law Review

The Bynkershoek Law Review is the platform of the Bynkershoek Institute on which original material and contributions of the stakeholders of the institute are published.

Initially, the Bynkershoek Research Centers were responsible for the various editions. Those initial editions had the form of pdf-editions, and were published on international platforms as SSRN.ORG or ACADEMIA.ORG. The editing and reviewing were done by the members of those research centers themselves.

In 2014, an editorial board consisting of talented students published a special peer-reviewed edition, containing material made by students of the International Bachelor of Law Program of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Due to personnel changes this initiative did not continue.

A list of the publications so far is as follows:

  1. BEMMELEN 2012
  2. BEMMELEN 2014
  3. BEMMELEN 2016
  4. BEMMELEN 2018

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